Mattia Zulianello


PhD, Postdoctoral Fellow


Department of Political and Social Science
University of Florence


Via delle Pandette, 21, 50127 Florence, Italy


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Academia: MattiaZulianello

Publication (1-3) on party leadership and political parties
  1. Zulianello, M. (in press). Anti-System Parties Revisited: Concept Formation and Guidelines for Empirical Research, Government and Opposition.

  2. Zulianello, M. (2014). Analyzing Party Competition through the Comparative Manifesto Project Data: Some Theoretical and Methodological Considerations, Quantity and Quality – International Journal of Methodology, 48(3), pp. 1723-1737

  3. Zulianello, M. (2013). When Political Parties Decide Not to Govern: Party Strategies and the Winners and Losers of the Monti Technocratic Government, Contemporary Italian Politics, 5(3), pp. 244-261